Maths Inferential Statistics

Maths  Inferential Statistics

Target audience: Teachers of Leaving Certificate Higher Level Maths.

Class 1

  • Binomial Distribution / Normal Distribution
  • Standard Normal Distribution (Z-Distribution) / Empirical Rule / Z-Scores
  • Tables P36/37 - Probabilities for Standard Normal Distribution
  • Terminology – Sample /Population / Statistic / Parameter

Class 2

  • The Central Limit Theorem and Distribution of Sample Means
  • Excel Simulation of Sample and Population mean for Normal Distribution
  • Calculating Z-Score for Distribution of Sample Means
  • Margin of Error / Confidence Interval for Mean / Level of Significance / P-Value
  • Exam Questions

Class 3

  • Hypothesis Tests
  • Exam Questions

Class 4

  • Sample and Population Proportion
  • Confidence Interval for Proportion / Level of Significance
  • Margin of Error Approximation
  • Exam Questions

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand normal distribution, standard normal distribution and the empirical rule
  • Be able to calculate z-scores and use tables to work out associated probabilities
  • Be familiar with the language and terminology used in inferential statistics
  • Understand the significance of the central limit theorem
  • Understand how to work out confidence intervals for sample means
  • Understand how to work out confidence intervals for sample proportions
  • Understand hypothesis tests
  • Understand p-values and level of significance
  • Develop clear methods for answering the different types of exam question

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Course date 30-01-2023 7:00 pm
End Date 30-01-2023 8:00 pm
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