Understanding and Supporting Students with Mental Health Difficulties in the Classroom

Whilst our awareness of the presence and presentation of mental health difficulties in children and young people in the community as a whole is growing, there is less emphasis placed on how these difficulties present in the classroom, and the specific challenges they can bring to the students, staff and the educational environment as a whole.   

In this webinar we will explore the following questions and topics:

  • What are the most common mental health difficulties that present in students in the classroom and how can we recognise them?
  • How do mental health difficulties impact learning and the students overall experience of school?
  • Mental health and neuro-diversity - why neurodiverse students may experience greater mental health challenges.
  • How can you support students with mental health difficulties within the current educational model and resources?
  • How can you bring a greater awareness of mental health difficulties to your existing experience and knowledge as an educator and identify specific strategies that will help you support your students. 
  • How can greater self-care for staff be supported and encouraged within the current model of education?

In preparation for this webinar, you are invited to reflect on your experiences you have had with students with mental health difficulties and the learnings you have gained from your time with them. You may wish to reflect on what you have found useful in order to support these students, and indeed to support yourself as their teacher or support staff. 

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Course date 07-09-2021 7:00 pm
End Date 07-09-2021 8:00 pm
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Speaker Dr Julie Meehan, Clinical Psychologist
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Sligo Education Centre

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