Getting to Know Your Izak9 Cubes

Getting to Know Your Izak9 Cubes

Izak9 creates a fun, dynamic and highly interactive shared learning environment where all children can excel in their learning of mathematics.

This session on Izak9, is for first-time or less experienced izak9 users. It will focus on introducing teachers to the Izak9 User area and its features, as well as deconstructing typical pupil responses to many of the initial Izak9 tasks. 

Izak9 provides a shared learning environment rich in PROBLEM SOLVING, REASONING and FLUENCY, where pupils can develop TEAM WORK and RESILIENCE.

Course Properties

Course date 06-10-2021 7:00 pm
End Date 06-10-2021 8:00 pm
Fee Free
Speaker Franz Schlindwein- Izak9 Maths
Select Hours 1
Location Online