Punished by Rewards? The Trouble with Gold Stars

Punished by Rewards? The Trouble with Gold Stars

Participants will

  1. Be guided through research on reward systems and how they impact on children's behaviour, self-esteem and intrinsic vs extrinsic motivation.
  2. Have an opportunity to consider the limitations that reward charts bring to students from a developmental lens through the 'expectation gap'.
  3. Hear the research on why rewards punish and how rewards do not get to the root of the issue, foster disconnection and decrease co-operation.

Alternatives to using reward charts will be presented.

You will learn further practical ways to encourage collaboration, pro-social behaviour, build relationships and create a harmonious classroom will also be given.

Opportunities for questions and answers will be provided. Finally, a list of further resources for teachers will be given and the 3 steps to developing co-operation in the classroom without the use of reward charts.

An overview of the work of Alfie Kohn from his book 'Punished by Rewards' will be introduced.

Course Properties

Course date 08-09-2022 7:00 pm
End Date 08-09-2022 8:30 pm
Fee Free
Speaker Hayley Rice-Child & Adolescent Psychotherapist Play Therapist MA MIAHIP MIAPTP
Select Hours 1.5
Location Online


Sligo Education Centre

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