The Regulated Classroom

The Regulated Classroom
“Dysregulation is the enemy of education” – Dr. Bruce Perry
Debbie Cullinane will discuss
  • What it means for a child to be dysregulated 
  • How that might affect their behaviour in the classroom 
  • What strategies you can use to help
Dr. Bruce Perry’s research “Regulate, Relate, Reason” discusses that when a child is regulated, they can relate to you and when they feel connected and comfortable, they are open to learning.
Debbie will also discuss brain states of arousal and give tools and tips to help with co-regulation, rather than co-escalation.
There will be a focus on activities to help with self-regulation, including breathing activities, movement breaks and sensory play ideas. 

Course Properties

Course date 13-09-2022 7:00 pm
End Date 13-09-2022 8:30 pm
Fee Free
Speaker Debbie Cullinane -Cullinane Play Therapy
Select Hours 1.5
Location Online


Sligo Education Centre

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