Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are built on a gross motor platform. This webinar will first review the importance of gross motor control to support fine motor refinement.

  • It will examine the importance of developing muscle control in the hands and shoulders before trying to write.
  • It will look at practical strategies within everyday activities to work on coordinating both sides of the body to promote coordinated use of the hands e.g. bilateral coordination.
  • It will examine fun activities to work power into the hands so that a child builds up endurance for fine motor skills.
  • It will look at practical activities to enhance the precision grips for greater fine motor control.

Course Properties

Course date 23-02-2023 5:00 pm
End Date 23-02-2023 6:00 pm
Fee Free
Speaker Bridget Long - Senior Occupational Therapist
Select Hours 1
Location Online


Sligo Education Centre

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