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Mastering Planning and Organizational Skills in the Classroom

Unlock the potential of effective planning and organizational skills.

Within the school setting, the ability to plan and organize effectively stands as a cornerstone for academic achievement and personal growth.

This session is designed to equip teachers with strategies and tools to instill these critical skills in their students. 

From breaking down tasks into manageable steps to setting achievable goals and prioritizing activities, it will guide you through techniques to enhance students' planning abilities.

Learn how to create an organized classroom culture that nurtures time management, reduces stress, and boosts productivity and engagement.

Discover approaches to support students in developing a structured approach to their studies and daily routines, preparing them for success inside and outside the classroom.

Course Properties

Course date 09-10-2024 5:30 pm
End Date 09-10-2024 6:30 pm
Fee Free
Speaker Bridget Long- Senior Occupational Therapist
Select Hours 1
Location Online