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PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System ) Overview

PECS (Picture Exchange Communication System ) Overview

This webinar will provide basic information about the Picture Exchange Communication System and its uses.

PECS® is an evidence based AAC which is implemented world wide. The six phases of PECS will be described and The Pyramid Approach to Education, the framework which PECS is based on will also be looked at. PECS is a very specific protocol that needs to be implemented correctly for optimum results and for giving your learner communication AND independence.

This webinar in no way replaces the PECS® Level 1 workshop which is strongly recommended if you wish to implement PECS® with a learner. The PECS® Level 1 workshop takes place over 13 hours and comprises live tuition with a PECS® Consultant, demo, videos, practise sessions and discussion. Each delegate receives the PECS® Manual, plus a handout which contains all of the powerpoint sildes with spaces for note taking, an activity packet and a practise bag.

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Course date 04-03-2021 3:30 pm
End Date 04-03-2021 4:30 pm
Registration Start Date 12-02-2021 12:00 pm
Fee Free
Speaker Andy Yates, PECS Consultant
Select Hours 1
Location Online

Sligo Education Centre

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