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Whole Class Feedback

Whole Class Feedback
Academic studies suggest that feedback has the potential to double the impact of learning and support the improvement of academic achievement.
However, there is a difference between giving feedback and it being acted on.
Teachers provide students with feedback all the time, but it is the acting on the feedback that contributes to pupils learning – ‘The power of the feedback is determined by the power of the follow-up’.
When providing feedback, it should be more work for the student and not the teacher. Writing repetitive comments across whole sets of copies/assessments should be a practice of the past.
It is time consuming for the teacher and does not feed the students forward.
Whole Class Feedback (WCF) is a technique I have used that aimto:
  • Analyse student assessment in 10-30 minutes.
  • Complete a Whole Class Feedback Marking Sheet
  • Create a ‘feedback’ lesson that focuses on re-teaching content through direct instruction, remodelling, practicing skills & redrafting.
WCF highlights clear & high expectations within my classroom & reduces the workload associated with marking.

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Course date 04-10-2022 7:00 pm
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